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The best way to search


  • Select a Category from the panel below the black header bar.
    • This displays all the items in that category.


  • From within a Category (eg; Bedroom)… enter into the search bar the product type, styles, textures, etc that you’re looking for.
    • You can use any words and in any order - but they must be separated by single spaces,
      (eg; pedestal modern wood)
    • Entering part of a word has the same effect as entering a whole word - eg; "classic" will also display "classical" and "stainless" will also display "stainless steel".
    • Double barreled words must be hyphenated - eg; Neo-Classical, Wrought-Iron, etc.
  • Press <Enter> or select the search icon.
    • The Category display will reduce to display (for this example) only "bedroom pedestals that are modern and have wood".


  • If you're not sure which words to use, select from the blue attributes below the categories then tap the keywords that appear to add them to the search bar.


    • You can select multiple attributes and multiple keywords... and you can also combine them with your own words.

    • To remove words from the search bar, highlight them and select delete.
      • If they are keywords you can de-select them from the keyword list.
    • After each modification press <Enter> or select the search icon.
      • The images will update to reflect your latest search criteria.
    • To re-display the full category select the X in the search bar and press <Enter> or the search icon.


    • If too many words are entered in the search bar... hover over the bar to display all the search words.
    Item availability?
    • We live in a world where designs and trends are changing faster than ever... and items that were available yesterday are often not available today as new designs supersede older ones.

    • This is particularly true with overseas items where limited stock is imported and often not repeated.

    • However, many items can be sourced given sufficient waiting or production time... and they can also often be copied surprisingly accurately by our skilled manufacturers.

    • It's also almost impossible to keep up to date on a daily basis with which items are and which are not available, so displaying all the items "that are or have been available" gives browsers the widest selection of what they might be able to have… and this often helps them clarify which styles and designs they really like.
    Not sure what you want?
    • Browsers often have a vague idea of the styles they like... but they haven’t yet found the actual item.

    • That’s where we can help… because many items displayed on our site are available in additional pieces that may not yet have been cataloged… (eg; you might see an armchair you like but were really wanting a corner.

      However... an armchair is often part of a range that includes a recliner, a loveseat, a settee, a corner suite and an ottoman... and available in the exact size and color you’re wanting.

    • Just tell us and we’ll try to source it for you.
    Found what you like... but not the right color or size?
    • Sometimes the excitement of finding exactly what we want is quickly followed by the disappointment of not being able to get it in the shape, size or color we like best.

    • Well, here’s some good news… many of our items can be supplied or made as you want them, whether it be your preference of size, shape, texture or color.

    • Chat to one of our friendly sales consultants… or better still, enlarge the items(s) you’re querying and select the Contact Us button on the page.

    • This will automatically attach the item to the CONTACT US option in the black header bar… and then we have your preferences recorded and can get back to you with meaningful answers.

    Custom designs
    • Most people are passionate about their individuality… and they like to express their uniqueness in the way they dress, the cars they drive, and of course in the way they decorate their homes.

    • And, whereas people often change their clothes frequently and their cars every 3 to 7 years… they change their furniture less often, with (on average) lounge furniture expected to last for more than 10 years, and dining rooms and bedrooms for even longer.

    • And, with today’s high cost of quality furniture, people prefer to buy exactly what they want rather than to settle for 2nd or 3rd choices.

    • That's why we offer Custom Designs… and we are often able to make exactly or close to what is wanted, whether it's an adaption of an item in our gallery or a picture seen in a magazine or on the internet.

    • For more information on custom designs… select ABOUT US in the black header bar… then WHAT WE DO… Custom Designs

    Interior decorating and site consultations
    • We also offer a comprehensive interior decorating and design service as well as site consultations.

    • For more details on these…
      Select ABOUT US in the black header bar… then browse any of the sections under INTERIOR DECORATING.

    Our Affiliations

    Living Image is proud to be an affiliate member of the IID – The African Institute of the Interior Designs Professions which was established in August 2006 as part of a modern step up from the South African Guild of Interior Decorators (Sagid) and which itself had been a sub-organisation of the British guild for more than a century.

    The purpose of all umbrella organizations is to create a pool of trusted businesses that the public can use, secure in the knowledge that each is qualified for the task needed and with the safety net that in the unlikely event of a complaint, dispute, unprofessional service rendered or even malpractice, the organization will intervene on the public’s behalf.

    Each organization has its own set of rules to ensure high standards of behavior from its members, often accompanied by monetary penalties and even expulsion in the event of a member failing to uphold its high ethical standards or bringing the organization into disrepute.

    They are your assurance that you’re dealing with a reputable, reliable and trusted company… so you’ll never find yourself in the dreaded position where your project is left incomplete or with material defects and your desperate emails to the company you contracted with are ignored and your calls are continually avoided.

    Living Image is also a proud member of the Top Carpets Group… which was formed in 1988 as a buying group to negotiate improved pricing from South Africa’s leading carpet manufacturers and which has grown to incorporate more than 120 member stores located throughout South Africa.

    This has provided them with enormous buying power and ensures that their members can not only provide their customers with innovative top quality products and expert advice… but also with the most competitive prices.

    In tandem with changes in consumer preferences and the evolution of new ideas their range has expanded to also include wooden laminates, ceramic and porcelain tiles, luxury vinyl flooring as well as window blinds and shutters.

    Equally, and perhaps even more significantly, are solutions they’ve introduced through partnerships with leading international suppliers such as a waterproof underlay and an installation process that actively fights the allergens that cause asthma and hayfever.

    Finally, members’ customers also benefit from the Top Carpets R1 Million Installation Guarantee and their 10 Day Color Replacement Guarantee should a customer have chosen a wrong color that simply doesn’t work for them.